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MINDWHEEL aims at building the issues related to knowledge, skill and attitude amongst all our participants as we believe Habits are an intersection of these 3 attributes in human behaviour



Mindwheel’s Learning Solutions team offers best in class solutions in the area of Classroom / Out Bound Training, Coaching and mentoring.
Our Corporate training programs combine modern theory with a practical interactive delivery style enabling delegates to take an active part in their ‘learning’ experience. Role plays, business games and group exercises are used to make the courses fun, challenging and enjoyable.
Course content is continually updated by experience gained from the business world and Interim Management arena enabling us to keep the courses fresh, vibrant and representative of best practice throughout industry.
We aim to provide your company with a ‘one stop shop solution’ for your training requirements.
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Business communication skills
Good communications are basic to successful management. In spite of much literature dealing with theory and practice of this subject, our communication skills are still very poor.
Peter Drucker in his foreword to a book {Parkinson & Rowe (1978)} on communications states quite bluntly that poor communications are a direct result of our ignorance. He contends that we do not know:

  • what to say;
  • when to say it;
  • how to say it; or
  • to whom to say it.

Interpersonal Communication Skills
Communication is a two-way process in which people transmit (send) and receive;

  • ideas
  • information
  • opinions or
  • emotions

These must be interpreted and reacted on, normally through feedback before the communication process is completed. In the world of business, the aim should be to develop communication patterns, between individuals and groups, that are;

  • meaningful
  • direct
  • open, and
  • honest

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